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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting LOST - Season 5/Episode 6 "316"

I've been meaning to post my LOST predictions based on last week's episode (316), but kept finding other things to do with my time. But, since the next episode airs tonight, I wanted to post my theories here before the new episode.

So, here's what I'm thinking:

1. How did Hurley know to be on the flight?
Charlie, of course! It's not much a stretch since a) Hurley has seen dead Charlie before and b) Hurley has a guitar case. My guess is that it's Charlie's guitar case. Whether or not it contains a guitar or a stash of munchies remains to be seen.

2. Jin in the Dharma suit.

I'm pretty sure the I7-minus-Charlotte (now the I6) infiltrated the Dharma initiative. They are clearly in Dharma's timeframe since Jin's cruising around in a very new Dharma van. Daniel most likely advised them to infiltrate Dharma so a) Dharma doesn't think they're others and hurt/maim/kill them and b) Daniel wants to know what's in the Swan.

We'll probably see the full scene with Daniel in the Swan from season 5/episode 1, as well as Daniel telling young Charlotte never to come back to the island.

3. So, what about Sayid getting arrested and who is that woman with him?

I think the "officer" with Sayid is working for Ben/Mrs. Hawking to get Sayid back to the island. I think she's an Other and has been on the island before. And I think we'll see more of her.

4. Where's Aaron?
Someone probably came to Kate and told her she shouldn't take Aaron back to the island. Technically, Aaron wasn't born yet, so he wasn't (technically) on flight 815. He may be one of the O6, but that doesn't mean he belongs on the flight to Gaum.

My first thought was that Ben had someone working for him to convince Kate not to bring Aaron back, but someone else mentioned the possibility of Claire having something to do with it. This sounds reasonable to me- Kate has seen Claire before in a dream and Claire was very adamant with Kate that she never bring Aaron back to the island.


I'm still waiting for the O6 is shooting at the I6 theory to get debunked. Yes, they arrived on Ajira airlines (we pretty much knew that's how it would go down based on that water bottle in the canoe), but there is no good reason for them to be randomly shooting. It's most likely either someone from Dharma or the Others.

So, there. Now I'm ready for tonight's episode- "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." Interesting to note that John Locke's alias is also the name of a philosopher/social reformer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Annoying LOST theory- Status: DEBUNKED!

Last week, I posted this post about the most annoying LOST theories of the week. I am happy to report that two of the three theories are now debunked (one was debunked last week; another this week).

Last night's episode fully debunked the theory that Danielle and her team will start time jumping with the I6 (and also that the French team left for their expedition in a year other than 1988). Danielle specifically told Jin the year was 1988, just like we knew from the original story she told the Losties. We also finally found out how poor Montand lost his arm and what exactly (sort of) the "sickness" was (or at least what caused it). And whoosh...off to another time flash sans Danielle and her team jumping around with us.

Thank you, writers/producers, for debunking this hugely annoying and completely nonsensical (even for LOST) theory.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just a few weeks down the line...

...there'll be no place to hide.

I can't take credit for that fun little phrase. But it's brilliant. It's actually from a Weight Watchers (I think??) commercial from the 80s. It's one of my favorite commercials ever. Picture a horizontally scrolling clothesline, first with a sweater, then jeans, then capris, then a t-shirt, then shorts, then a tank top, then a barely there string bikini while happy female voice says the ominous phrase from the opening of this post. Scare tactic? Sure. Impactful? Definitely. I'm not sure if the fact that I remember a weight-loss commercial from the 80s (when I was no older than 10) is horrifying or if it was dramatic foreshadowing for my current occupation in advertising.

It doesn't really matter, though. What matters is that the commercial is right. I have exactly 4 weeks and 1 day to get my butt ready for the last items on the clothesline or I'll be heading to California and wishing I had a place to hide. So, I bought myself Denise Austin's Daily Dozen. I can handle 12 minutes a day. Baby steps. I'm allergic to exercise.

But a funny thing happened. I've been doing this video for about a week and a half. And I like it! I feel better, have more energy and lost a few pounds (with um...several more to go). I actually feel like exercising longer (LONGER!) than 12 minutes. Good thing SuperD went and bought us a new elliptical this past weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

LOST theories that need to get lost

Okay, so we're three weeks/four episodes into the season five. Kudos to the writers/producers for answering more questions so far in this season than in any other season. But of course, it wouldn't be LOST if they didn't create more questions by answering others. And of course, creating questions sets LOST message boards aflame with theories, some are quite good, others are just...ridiculous.

Here are a few of my not-so-favorites from the LOST message boards I haunt:

1) Penny and Desmond's son, Charlie, is The Charlie (as in Charlie Pace, as in deader-than-dead-drowned-in-the-Hydra Charlie).
Come on, people. Let's stop reading so much into this. I realize this is LOST and they like to mess with our heads but sometimes a spade is just a spade. Or in this case, a baby. They named their baby Charlie to honor Charlie Pace's memory. Let's not even get into how this is (in any timeline) impossible since Charlie Pace was born in the 70s (80s at the latest).

Status: Debunked (thank heavens).
In last week's enhanced Jughead episode, the caption at the bottom of the screen stated they named their child Charlie to honor Charlie. So let's stop with the Widmore/Charlie/Charlie Pace is the baby theories, okay?
2) The people shooting at the left-behind Losties during the longboat scene were the O6 (in the future).
Just no. Why? Why? Why would the O6 come back to save the Losties and then start shooting at the first people they see? Doesn't seem very O6 like to me. I'll agree that the scene could be taking place in future, given the abandoned beach camp, but still "just no" to the O6 as the shooters. I'm betting it's the Others or some of Widmore's cronies.

Status: Not debunked. Yet. But very unlikely.

3) Danielle and her team will now start time jumping with the I6 (left-behind Losties).
I realize we're all excited to see Rousseau and Robert and how Montand lost his arm, but why would they start jumping around any more than any other people we've seen in different time jumps? My guess is we'll get one Rousseau-centric island episode so we can finally see her real backstory (cause you know, 2004 Rousseau was a little loopy and less than reliable). Then we'll have a flash and the I6-plus-Jin will be whisked on to their next time jumping adventure.

Status: Awaiting debunking.
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