Hi! I'm glad you found this blog. Feel free to look around, but just wanted to let you know that I no longer update this blog and I'm now blogging over at Into The Glimmer. I hope you'll join me there! Cheers!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Into the Glimmer...

Hello there! It's been a while, no? And lot has changed around the DU stomping grounds. In the past several months, I relocated to Charlotte (instead of Charleston), got a new job at a big dotcom, ran my first 5K race, started training for a marathon (and I'm throwing a half marathon in during the training process), met a bunch of new people, picked up a new hobby (stand up paddleboarding!), started mulling over my jewelry line again, and visited two cities I've always wanted to see (Asheville, N.C. and Charleston, S.C.). Also, I turned a year older. Ahem.

So in terms of my 35 Before 35 list, not only am I a year closer to 35, but I've also crossed out a few more items including: #1 (move out of PA), #5 (get a job I love in an industry I love), #19 (run a 5K) with 20, 21, and 22 to be crossed off by Thanksgiving. And #4 (finish grad school) will be done by Christmas. And a few more are lined up for the last few months of 2012 and early 2013. So, not too shabby for my first year of list conquering.

But with all of these changes in my life, I don't feel like Displaced Urbanite is the right place to continue blogging. It seems so...hopeless. And that's not how I feel anymore at all. I'm no longer struggling in an area where I feel like I don't belong and where every road leads to a dead end. I'm in a new city, with new opportunities, at the start of a new journey. And so friends, thank you for reading this blog and I hope you'll join me as I go Into the Glimmer.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

35 before 35 update


Just in case you were wondering, I haven't forgotten about my 35 before 35 list. I revised it a little based on some changing goals (for example, I added things about my pet photography business and removed a lot of things about this blog), but it's still a good list!

So, without further rambling from me, here are my recent 35 before 35 accomplishments:

8. Redesign my pet photography website
Admittedly, this is still a work-in-progress, but I've got a new brand identity and an updated website. I used SquareSpace instead of Wordpress to design it, but overall, I'm pleased with the experience and how the site is shaping up. You can check it out here. I'm still working on updating the blog, though.

9. Lose that last 15 pounds
It's gone, people! Gone! But I've been getting more and more into boot camps and training, that I'm probably on my way to losing another 10 pounds, which is just fine with me!

32. Watch LOST from beginning to end again
One of the more frivolous goals on my list, but it's done! Man, I forgot how much I love that show. And since I crossed this one off early, I have enough time to watch it again before I turn 35!

I also added a few fitness goals, like run a Warrior Dash and do a Metro Dash. I'm already on my way to the Metro Dash since I start training for that this Saturday (that's 5 hours at the gym, kids, wish me luck!).

And it's not on the list, but I'm considering renaming and redesigning this blog. I have no idea what I'd rename it at this point, but I want a name that's less location specific and I just want an entirely new look (because really, I feel like this one is a little half-baked).

So there you have! A few goals accomplished and a ton more go! Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And...changes (again!)

So many crazy changes going on around here! It's been a little bit of a whirlwind these past couple months and I'll try to get a few more blog posts lined up to discuss, so your reader might get flooded with DU insanity over the next week (sorry!), but first, my favorite change!

Remember how we were moving to Charlotte? D has been there for two months or so, and I'm still in Lancaster because I haven't found a job there yet. But not finding a job there, as frustrating as that's been, is probably a good thing because...

D got a promotion and we're moving to Charleston, S.C. instead. Charleston! Even though it's not (what I consider) a big city, I am still so excited! I'm moving to the beach! The beach, people! If you've read my blog at all over the past few years, you know the beach is one of my favorite places ever.

Charleston Skyline
Charleston Skyline by Carl's Captures

Rainbow Row
Rainbow Row by zoonabar

Not to mention some of the other cool things going on in Charleston, like Charleston Fashion Week, the prevalence of indie and emerging designers, its proximity to Savannah and Savannah College of Art & Design, and....the beach! I know I love California (always and forever), but I do think Charleston is going to keep me happier on the East Coast a lot longer than other cities might.

It's still up in the air when exactly I'll move there, but I'm really hoping to be there by mid-summer. D will be there ASAP.

So cheers to Charleston and my newest geographic adventure!
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