Hi! I'm glad you found this blog. Feel free to look around, but just wanted to let you know that I no longer update this blog and I'm now blogging over at Into The Glimmer. I hope you'll join me there! Cheers!


I'm a digital marketing and web professional, a writer, a dreamer, and a beagle lover. I'm also an MFA candidate working on my thesis in merchandising/marketing with a focus on e-commerce and new retail strategies. In my spare time, I volunteer as a photographer at my local Humane League and I recently started a pet photography business.

I'm passionate about style, design, fashion and, of course, beagles. I'm also a big advocate of buying handmade and shopping local. I started this blog while living in the small, but thriving, city of Lancaster, Pa. While it calls itself a city, I found Lancaster to really be a small town (since my idea of of a city is San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Philly, etc.). And so, the phrase "displaced urbanite" was coined. But now I'm relocating to Charleston, S.C. (by way of Charlotte, N.C.) because my husband was offered a wonderful opportunity there, so I'm not a completely displaced urbanite anymore, although Charleston still a smaller city than I'm used to. I'm contemplating a blog name change, but I'm not sure which direction I want to go.

So what do I use Displaced Urbanite for? Basically, it's my virtual studio, inspiration board, and lifestyle journal. I use it to blog about things I love, things that inspire me, and things I create. Expect to see lots of fashion, photography, jewelry, food, design and beagles.

While I've had this blog for a few years, I only made it my main blog as of January 2012 with a refocused purpose on style (as opposed to random acts of randomness). I blogged previously at The Blooming Wildflowers Blog, my blog about indie and handmade shopping, and also briefly at my old style/fashion blog, Moxie Grace. I moved everything here to DU because I feel like it suits me better, and so far, so good.

Have questions, comments, suggestions? Contact me.

PS- You can find me elsewhere on the web, too:
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