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35 before 35

The 35 before 35 (or 30 before 30 or 25 before 25) concept certainly isn't an original one, but I've seen some of my favorite bloggers take on projects like this and now I'm getting in on the goal-accomplishing action (see my original blog post here).

I'll turned 32 in August of 2011, so I'm already past the 30 hurdle, but with 35 looming ahead and so many of my goals left unaccomplished so far, I'm ready to challenge myself on the very public forum of my blog and get some things done. Ready? Let's go!

  1. Move out of PA Done!
  2. Take a cross-country road trip to Los Angeles
  3. Go on a vacation to Hawaii
  4. Finish grad school
  5. Get a job I love in an industry I love Done!
  6. Work for a company I believe in Done!
  7. Launch a coherent, well research and planned collection for spring and fall for Sun Sugar Studio
  8. Redesign my pet photography website Mostly done (branding complete, update in progress)
  9. Lose that last 15 pounds Done (and actually still losing)!
  10. Wallpaper a room (or at least an accent wall) with this Oh Joy! for Hygge & West wallpaper
  11. Bring my dogs on vacation with me
  12. Buy a second property
  13. Attend a professional conference (preferably SXSW)
  14. Take a cooking or baking class
  15. Spend a weekend in Manhattan
  16. Organize a fundraising event for an arts or animal cause
  17. Save a decent nest egg (in addition to 401Ks, IRAs, other investments, and a down payment for a second house) - I have a number for this in mind but I don't want to post specifics on my blog
  18. Go on a cruise
  19. Run a 5K Done!
  20. Run a 10K
  21. Run a half marathon
  22. Run a marathon
  23. Camp on the beach
  24. Relearn Spanish (I used to be fairly fluent, but I'm extremely out of practice now)
  25. Live off my land/urban farming: grow a bigger vegetable and fruit garden (and maybe get some chickens)
  26. Take a photography class to learn more about studio lighting
  27. Foster another pup and find them a forever home
  28. Take D to Disney World (he's never been there and insists he doesn't want to go- I find this ridiculous)
  29. Partner with at least two independent artists for product extensions in my photography business
  30. Volunteer for a theatre company and maybe get back on stage again
  31. Take a jewelry studio class to learn a technique beyond beads and wire (welding, for example)
  32. Watch LOST from beginning to end again (this could potentially happen more than once) Done!
  33. MWC (sorry, this is ambiguous, too- it means something, I promise, I just don't want to broadcast it on my blog)
  34. Destash all the beads I've accumulated over the years and will never use in my new jewelry line
  35. Get my professional website up and running
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